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1.Height Of Confidence Of A Professor
Hight Of Confidence.
Once Many Professors Were Called And Asked To Sit In An Airplane.
After They Sat. They Were Informed That The Plane Is Made By Their Students.
All Of Them Ran And Got Out Of Plane Except One.
People Asked Him The Reason.
He Said: “If It”s Made By My Students It Will Not Even Start

2.Worth of Fight
Santa Banta Were Fighting After Exam.
Sir: “Why Are You Fighting?
Santa: “This Fool Left The Answer Sheet Blank
Sir: “So What?
Santa: “Even I Did The Same Thing, Now Teacher Will Think That We Both Copied

3.Most Insulting Lines Said To Google

  “Dear Google, Can You Just Allow Me To Write My Sentence Before You Start Guessing

4.Pappu Definitely Needs A Salary Increase

Pappu To Boss: “I Got To Definitely Have A Salary Increase, Three Other Companies Are After Me
Boss: “Really? Which Are The Three Companies?
Pappu: “The Electricity Company, The Telephone Company And The Gas Company

5.When Did You Start Wearing Earnings?

Man Meets His Friend & Notices He’s Wearing An Earring. “When Did You Start Wearing Earnings?
Friend: “Ever Since My Wife Found It In My Car

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